Saturday morning I had a small group that booked a half day trip on "Pete", but they were not too sure about driving out with the truck so decided to not go. I went out for about 3 1/2 hours and fished a channel edge in 21 feet of water. Set a dead rod outside the shelter baited with a fat-head, and had two holes inside, one with a slip bobber, and one for jigging. Before I got the jigging rod in the water the dead rod outside went off and I iced a nice 25 1/2 slot fish. Shortly after that the bobber went down and out came a 17 inch "keeper". Had a lot of lookers at the spoons and jigs, but not a lot of takers. The bobber rod produced 3 "shorties", and 3 crappies. A fire tiger tungsten jig with chartreuse plastic and 2 wax worms took 4 big white bass. The bite really slowed after 10 am.

Keep a tight line!!!