The leaves have fallen.

A light snow covers the land.

November has arrived.

Late fall proved to be really good fishing this year. Three of our biggest four Walleye for 2017 were landed after September 1st. Five of our biggest eight Muskie were caught September 1st or later. Three of our biggest seven Largemouth Bass, plus our two biggest Sunfish were caught after September 1st.

Our top eight Walleyes for 2017 (caught by Oak Haven Guests) were 25 inches or longer. Kolton Markley ended 2017 as our Walleye Champion with a 28 incher. Next was Bob Thiele with his 27 1/4 incher. Cheryl Sager and her husband Jeff made their first fall trip to Oak Haven (after numerous Spring and Fall trips) and Cheryl boated our 3rd biggest Walleye...a 26 7/8 incher. Fourth place went to Charlie Hasek at 26 1/2 inches. Four other Walleyes over 25 inhes were landed by Oak Haven guests Steve Blakstad, Nina Jarosz, Bob Thiele and Ron Dennis.

Nine Muskie over 36 inches were landed by Oak Haven guests in 2017. Steve Heisler took top honors when he landed a 51 inch Muskie on 6-pound monofilament line and a 16th ounce jig, while Walleye fishing on the Walleye Opening Day....back on May 13, 2017. Steve's monster ties Jake Modell for first place in our ten year big fish record book. Clint Luksa landed a 50 incher and Chad Cowden landed a 48 incher. Ryan Meggitt boated THREE big Muskie....41 inches, 37 inches and 36 1/2 inches. Ryan Schwartz landed TWO big Muskie....44 inches and 42 1/2 inches. Of course all of these fish were released alive. Muskie have to be 54+ inches to keep as a trophy wall mounter.

Tyler Domeier broke our ten year Largemouth Bass record when he landed, meaured, photographed and released a 21 1/4 inch lunker. Mark Woldruff finished in second place with a huge 20 3/4 incher. Next was Rick Martens at 20 5/8 inches....then Joey Domeier (Tyler's brother) was next at 20 inches. A.J. Katona landed a 20 incher. Al Dalziel and Gerry Schlafer landed 19 1/2 inch Largemouth Bass.

Our largest Perch in ten years (13 1/8 inches) was landed by Jerry Lubbers. Other Oak Haven guests landing Perch over 11 3/4 inches included Terry Meggitt, Conrad Johanning, Dave Bigham, Kathy Johanning and Zach Short.

Just a quick reminder here....we could exaggerate our records, but we don't. We (Debbie or myself) either measure these fish ourselves....mouth closed, tail squeezed...or we require photo's of the fish being measured. Many of our guests now proudly enter the lodge and show us the big fish on their camera's. Our fishing contest involves men, women, boys and girls. We prefer integrity over exaggeration.

Crappies? We should all know that a Crappie with it's mouth open will measure longer than a Crappie with it's mouth closed. In 2017 Steve Houliston landed our guests biggest Crappie, a sweet 14 7/8 incher. Brigitte Downing was next at 14 5/8 inches. Four Oak Haven guests landed a 14 inch Crappie....Chris Downing, Charlie Hasek, Tim Treager and Jim Sherman. Next were Mark Beltz at 13 7/8, Charlie Hasek at 13 3/4, Tate Larsen at 13 1/2 and Kathy Johanning at 13 3/8 inches. Nice Crappies eh!

Four Oak Haven guests landed Sunfish/Bluegill 10+ inches long in 2017. Kathy Johanning won the Sunfish/Bluegill contest with her 10 5/8 incher. I ask you to take an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper, turn it sideways, and tell me how many 10 5/8 inch Bluegills you've caught? That is a BIG one! Second place went to Jeff Sager at 10 3/8 inches. Jason Mohs landed a 10 1/8 and Jake Blakstad landed a ten incher.

Roger Hoeppner won our Big Pike Contest with his 36 1/2 incher. Next was Bob Thiele at 35 inches. Third and fourth went to Larry Larsen at 34 inches and Elijah Hoffer at 33 inches.

Kathy Thiele won our 2017 Rock Bass title with her 11 1/2 incher. We had a 3-way tie for second at 11 1/4 inches between Kathy Johanning, Keven Larsen and Charlee Tyo.

And finally our Bullhead Championship for 2017 goes to Marissa Mohs. Her 13 3/8 incher topped second place which was a tie between Haley Swanson and Jason Mohs at 12 1/2 inches. Bob Mohs had a 12 1/8 and Calvin Rooke landed a 12.

As you operate your boat in the many Mississippi River channels that connect the Cass Lake Chain of Nine Lakes, remember that the boat speed law is "No Wake" in all of these river channels. Boats may travel up to 5 mph if they can do so without creating a wake. Please be aware that your wake damages docked boats and creates erosion. Please show waterfront homeowners....and please show kids and adults who are fishing from docks, who are in kayaks and canoes...that you are a respectful and responsible boat driver who knows the law and abides by the law. Thank You.