Dennis from New Glarus,along with his sons Kevin and Dale finished their 2 day trip on "Pete" today. They usually go up-north for the father-son get together but wanted to stay closer to home, and have never fished "Pete" before. The day started out with a pretty stiff wind from the southwest with white caps and good size swells. We headed south again to find a little calmer water and soaked dead rods with minnows and crawlers again. The wind died to almost nothing around noon and the algae got to thick to handle, so we headed north. Fished channel edges between Longview Point and Monroe Park and finished the day with well over 50 walleyes, 2 "keepers", 4 in the slot, 1 at 25", 1 at 22", and 2 at 22 1/2", 2 crappies, 8 white bass, and two sheep's head.

Keep a tight line!!!