Don, Scott, and Dave, longtime friends and fishing buddies from the Chicago area booked a morning trip on
Pete" for today. They have fished here for a lot of years, but mostly in the river below Nekoosa because they have not had much luck on the lake. They only drifted the lake and got frustrated with all the snags and tackle lost to all the submerged wood here. I explained to them that they have to keep their presentations as verticle as possible to reduce the hang-ups and keep the bait in the fish zone. We soaked dead rods, and jigged with 1/4 ounce jigs both tipped with fat-heads. Before we even had the first four lines in the water, Scott boated a nice 21" slot walleye. We worked three different spots with this presentation, then they wanted to learn how to troll with on-line planer boards, so for the last 45 minutes we pulled Shad Raps and Flicker Shads. When we finished just before noon we had boated more than 50 fish including 4 "keepers, 2 in the slot, 40+ "shorties", 1 crappie, 1 big small mouth bass, and 3 white bass. Some times it was hard to keep two lines in the water. We had a lot of doubles and triples today. I think they now have a better understanding of the lake and will enjoy their time on the water more.

Keep a tight line!!!