Yesterdays half day trip went very good despite a brief delay due to a passing thunderstorm, my guests and were greeted with dropping temps along with increasing NE winds making boat control a little difficult but it didn't slow the fish activity down a whole lot. Crappies, bluegills and perch were once again on our list and although the bite wasn't as good as the past two days, it was still pretty good. Vertical jigging deep brush piles, stumps, and cribs with 1/32 ounce jigs tipped with a combination of small piece of crawler, gulp, medium fatheads or just plain small twister tails put 19 nice panfish in the well along with two nice walleye. Biggest crappies were at 13 inches while our biggest gill was at 10-1/2 inches, what a slab fish it was, perch were decent to say the least. Happy guests as I had a father with his young daughter and son out and they all caught some very nice fish.

No planned trips for a few days, will keep you posted after next trip.

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