Fishing has tightened up a little in August. The guides have been doing good, but it has been tougher for the fisherman that are not on the water every day. Our size in our guide boats is 14 to 17 inches with an occasional one in the 17 to 21 inch range. Also catching some other species of Catfish, Drum, and smallmouth to give us some action throughout the day. Have to do a lot of moving around, catching a few fish in a lot of spots. The biggest thing is to stay away from traffic as the walleye have been very spooky. Especially on the calmer days. Yes once in awhile it is calm in South Dakota. Starting to catch a few walleye on minnows and crank baits. We are jumping back and forth on both reservoirs. Depth of water is changing every day as the walleye are chasing shad, freshwater shrimp, and mayflies.

September is approaching and the size limits starts again Sept 1. Yes it will make it a little tougher getting our limits, but as most of you know our guides at the Hillside will find a way to produce limits. We have the best staff in the Missouri River System, not only are our guides great fisherman, we are also great friends trying to help each other out sharing fishing info and techniques. Don't be afraid to book a trip with us, we will go the extra mile from the start of the trip to the finish to make sure your trip in successful and enjoyable.

We are booking trips daily with a busy September schedule. We have guides scheduled on the water almost everyday from now until Oct 1, and starting to book some early Oct trips. By rule there is generally a very good smallmouth bite in Oct. It was world class last year. So if you wanted a walleye day one day and a smallmouth day the next. We could get that done.

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