Fishing action the past couple of weeks has been somewhat on the slow side, no real patterns, depths or structures have been any better than anything else. Walleyes have for the most part been on the smaller side with some nice ones here and there, same as the smallmouth and panfish., pike action has been the best if that's what you want to target,and they are in the weeds. Had a pretty decent day yesterday with my guests but had to work very hard to find the fish. Walleyes, smallmouth and panfish came from 3 to 17 foot depths, some over rocks, some over wood and some in shallow weeds, most all fish came on Reeves and Invasion weedless jigs tipped with large fatheads, some came on Berkley Power bait in the form of a twister tail, perch in color. Our best spot yesterday ended up being in 3 foot of water with lots of weeds as we boated our largest crappie and walleye of the day along with our best smallie action, just never know where they will be.

Back out Wednesday thru Saturday, will keep you posted.

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