This past week has seen it's up's and down's with the walleye action, weather patterns and temps. One day they are on a good bite on shallow wood/rock points and the next day not a sign of them, or their in 10 to 12 ft and gone the next day. No pattern also means one day they prefer crawlers and it's fatheads the next day. Wednesday for example the eyes were on a great bite and were relating to 5 ft of water over wood/rocks and we boated 7 eyes off that spot with a stiff north wind blowing into it, all on 1/2 crawlers, while yesterday produced nothing with flat water conditions. It was another one of those bright sunny days with no wind and it was a day of searching. No pattern what so ever but my guests and I did manage to put 5 eyes in the boat, all but one on fatheads, the other on 1/2 crawler. Even the perch and rockbass were nowhere to be seen. Both Invasion and Reeves weedless jigs were used, both produced.

No planned trips till Wednesday, will keep you posted.

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