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Thread: Fishing report End of July 7/29/2017

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    It has been an extremely busy Summer. I (Mike) have not been on here as much as I would have liked. Taking up more resposibilities at the Hillside on top of my extremely busy guide schedule. I was personally out from May 22 to July 13th straight. Then off to a bowling trip to Cleveland with 2 (Brooke and Rebecca) of my daughters then back at it again from July 24 to today of which I have an afternoon trip.

    We have had the best fishing season on record. Along with being our busiest. The fishing has been very stable. It helps that through the course of the summer we would have our guide boats scattered in a 80 mile area from Landing Creek to Joe Creek. As of right now the fishing is still good to excellent depending on how well you know the lake. Our guide boats are still spread out in a 45 mile area as we dont like fishing around each other unless we have to. The bite is getting more picky as the right presentation, right depth, right speed, and not much boat traffic make a big factor. As our guide service goes. We are at 100% with our full time staff (7) and almost 100% with our 3/4 time staff from May 1 till today.

    BB and Night Crawlers and pulling plugs seem to be what is working the best. Our guides are all live bait fishing right now. Our catch rates are varying depending on how long we spend out on the water and how much wind we have. For the most part right now we are catching 40 -60 plus fish if we put in our time.

    I will do the best I can on my day to day report as I did not realize I got so far behind.

    May 8-9 I had a group out from Eskridge, KS Great 2 days of fishing catching over 100 fish at the White River south of town.

    May 11-12 I had repeat customers out from Arcadia, WI. Also with guide Scott Handel. We fished both reservoirs out of my boat. Caught 45 fish at White River on day 1. Then a limit of walleyes and smallies on Lake Sharpe on day 2. Great trip and already booked for next year.

    May 13 I had a group from Sioux Falls, SD Great day of fishing limiting out on smallies and walleyes.

    May 14- 15 I had an individual out from Apple Valley, MN. On day one we limiited out on walleye and smallies. Day 2 we had to bounce around in the wind, but ended up catching 35 fish. Great trip and will see you this fall!!

    May 16-17 I had a group out from Plattesmouth, NE On day one we caught 12 beauty walleye along with 12 smallies. On day 2 in a 40 mph wind, we ended up with 10 smallies and our limit of walleye. Caught 125 fish in the 2 days.

    May 18 I had a group out from Fort Dodge, IA. I have had this group for over 10 years. We got out early and beat the wind. Caught 40 fish by 11:00 a.m.

    May 19-20 I had a group out from Lincoln, NE area. Also with guide Eric Steichen. We caught 200 fish in 2 days between the 2 boats. It was a balmy 37 degrees on day 2. Also caught 12 smallies on day 2, and 10 smallies on day 1

    May 21 I had group out from Blooming Prairie and Askov, MN. Great day with dandy bunch of fish. Also ended up with 13 smallies.

    May 22-23 I had a group out from Columbus and Omaha, NE. Lots of action and a limit of walleye and smallmouth both days.

    May 25 I had a father and 2 young sons from Marceline, MO. What a trip!! It was a little cold but the boys had a great time. Limit of walleye and smallies with great action.

    Well I am off to my afternoon trip. Will work on this some more in the next couple of days.

    May 26-27 I had 2 couples out from Council Bluffs and Des Moines, IA. We caught over 140 fish in 2 days. And added 14 smallies to our trip.

    May 28 I had a family out from Fairview, SD. We had a great time and fished in the city limits of Chamberlain on this day. Had our limit by 10:00 a.m. with some beauties.

    May 29 I had a repeat group from Brookings and Sioux Falls, SD. We tried the town bite again. Did not work on a very windy day. We jumped around and finally put our last limit fish in the boat at 5:30 p.m. It was a tough one but most of the walleyes were 17 to 20 inches. Another great day!!

    May 30th I had a group out from Sioux Falls, SD. I have fished with this group for many years, off and on for over 15 years. We had a great day of catching 70 plus walleye and smally on a beautiful day with not much wind.

    May 31 I had a couple from Ivanhoe, MN Another nice day on the water with a limit of walleye and smallies.

    June 1-2-3 I had a group from Broomfield, CO and Tampa, FL. We had 3 great days of walleye fishing. Smally bite ws slow but caught some each day. Overall we caught 180 plus fish in the 3 days.

    June 4-5 I had a group out from Omaha, Mason City, IA and Des Moines. Excellent 2 days of fishing. And lots of action. We caught 240 fish in the 2 days. This group has fished with me since 2002.

    June 6-7 I had a group out from Kansas City, MO and Lincoln, NE. It was their first trip out since their fishing buddy and friend Vern Feye passed away over the winter. We caught 240 fish in the 2 days and limits of walleyes and smallies on day 2.

    June 8 I had a group from Springfield, MO also with guide Brian Ward. Another great day with lots of action. Limits of both walleye and smallmouth. Caught 220 to 240 fish between the 2 boats.

    June 9 I had a group out from McCook, NE. It was breezy but got a nice bunch of fish. We added 7 smallies and 3 white bass to our limit.

    June 10-11 Group was from Owatanna, MN I guided with Dave Bies. I have had this group-family for 13 plus years. We fished in a hurricane on day 1 but caught a dandy stringer of walleye. Day 2 was much nicer and we added Glen Eimers to the mix. We added 30 smallies and 5 white bass to our trip. Another great outing at Allen's.

    June 12-13-14, I had repeat customers from Clinton, IA. 3 great days of fishing with possession limits of walleye and smallmouth. Lots of action all 3 days with nice weather. Caught over 350 fish in the 3 days.

    June 15 I had a grandfather/grandsons from Springfield, MO. Limit of walleye and added 10 smallies to the list. Caught 60-80 fish on this day.

    June 16-17 I had a group out from Waukee and Dallas Center, IA. 2 outstanding days of walleye fishing. Catching 120 to 140 fish in the 2 days

    June 18 I had a group out from Fairmont, MN. We had a great day with lots of Action catching around 120 fish.

    June 19-20 I had a group out from Plattesmouth, NE. We had Chinese Fire Drill the first day. But it took a lot of fish to get our limit. Catching 200 plus fish on the first day. The second day was slower 'only' catching 120 fish.

    June 21-22 group was from Springfield, MO and Ft Madison, IA. Also with guide Brian Ward. Lots of action again today catching around 120 fish out of each boat each day. Also a limit of smallies.

    June 23 I had a group out from Lincoln, NE. Also with Guides Dave Bies and Glen Eimers. Lots of wind on this day. We caught a dandy bunch of walleye. Trip is already booked for next year.

    June 24 Our guide service had a corporation based out of Worthington, MN. There were 22 people in this group. Guides Mike and Garry Allen, Curt Nepple, Brian Ward, Dave Hennings, Eric Steichen, Scott Simonsen, and Joel Carlson. A dandy bunch of fish.

    June 25 I had 3 generations from Harlan, IA and Kansas City, MO. Had a great time with lots of action catching 80 plus fish.

    June 26 I took out a group from the mighty town of Chamberlain, SD. Struggled a little to get our keepers. But ended up covering a few miles and had a dandy stringer of walleye. Caught over 80 fish.

    June 27-28 I had a group from Algona, IA. Great 2 days! First day we added 9 smallies to our bag of fish. Caught 130 plus fish in 2 days.

    June 29-30 I had a group with Guide Brian Ward. Group is friends from Iowa and Minnesota. Britt, IA and Spicer, MN out of my boat. We had a great time. Catching 120 fish per day. And a dandy stringer of walleye with a few white bass.

    July 1st I had a family out from Canton, SD. We had fantastic day of catching over 100 fish. Limit of walleye and smally today.

    july 2-3 Family was from Lincoln, NE. Also added 9 smallies and a big catfish on day 1. Limit of walleye and a limit of smallies on day 2. A trip of a lifetime with lots of action.

    July 4th I went out with my daughters and caught a limit (16) by 9:30 a.m. and then went tubing.

    July 5-6 I had a couple out from Lincon, NE. Great action catching over 80 fish each day. Another great trip and we will see you next year.

    July 7-8 i had a group out from Plattesmouth, NE. Great numbers and lots of action catching 80-100 fish per day.

    July 9-10 Family and friends based out of Adrian, MN. I was guiding along my dad, Garry Allen. 2 great days!!. Lots of action and a dandy bunch of walleye.

    July 11-12-13. I had a father/son from Cherryville, Kansas. It was a great trip!! With lots of action. Luke the son had a great time out there.
    Look forward to fishing this group again. We caught 160 fish the first 2 days. Caught 40 fish on day 3 on a short day so they could get home this evening.

    July 14- July 23 I had a great week spending precious time with 2 of my 3 daughters on a bowling trip to Cleveland, OH. Bowling did not go as well as planned, but I cannot replace the time together. The only bad thing was the drive. Especially in Chicago.

    July 24 I was back at with a family from Rock Valley. I was also with Guide Glen Eimers. A great day out there!! We caught 130 plus fish between the 2 boats.

    July 25-26 I had a group from Plattesmouth, NE. The 25th was one of those days. Had to load boat and make a change of venue on a very warm day. At least we had some air conditioning for a little bit. Anyway we ended the day are very good for a nice bunch of fish. I righted the SS Minnow on day 2. We ended up with a dandy Limit of walleye along with 16 catfish. Caught 70-80 fish on day 2.

    July 27-28 Group of 3 generations from Algona, IA. Fantastic fishing with a dandy bunch of walleyee. We caught 110-120 fish in the 2 days. Ely the youngest person of the 3 generations. Caught the biggest fish both days. A 18 inch smally on day 1 and a 20 inch walleye on day 2.

    July 29 I had an afternoon trip from Kadoka, SD. Pretty good fishing for the afternoon. We caught 20-25 fish. With a nice bunch of walleye. i t was this groups first time with a guide and look forward to fishing with them again.

    July 30-31 My group was from Sioux Falls, Arizona, and White Bear Lake, MN. 2 great days a limit of walleye and 11 smallies on day 1, then a limit of walleye and 9 smallies on day 2. We had to dodge T-Storms on day 1 (35-40 fish). Very good weather on day 2 (60-70 fish).

    Until next time
    Mike Allen
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