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Thread: Best Ghosttail Colors On The Chip

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    Default Best Ghosttail Colors On The Chip

    Hi! I have heard black with a green blade is a great Flowage ghosttail color. Had great luck on Lake Of The Woods with purple with a silver blade. Does that work well on the Flowage or any other favorite ghosttail colors? Thanks so much!

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    Seems like black with a green blade is a good choice on the Chip. Now, I'm not on that body of water but for only a few days each year so I'm certainly no expert, but often when I fish with Ty, he's got me throwing black w/green.

    Fishing on my own, I throw every color combo I've got. lol Ya' just never know. Some folks seem to do well with Cowgirls, just sayin'. Throw everything in your boxes and you'll find a winner. Good Luck !

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    I've caught fish on about every color under the sun out here but I'd guess two thirds of all of the muskies I've caught have been on black with green blades.

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