OK...so it wasn't a giant musky. It's a fun story though!

Patrick Hughley was here vacationing with his wife Jackie and their two young children. He was joined by his parents. He was joined by his brother Adam and his family.

Yesterday Patrick went fishing in the morning with his wife and two young kids. During that outing their two year old son Bode tossed Patrick's rod and reel into the lake. Efforts to retrieve the rig failed. So after returning to the cabin, they drove to Cass Lake and bought Bode his very own "kiddie pole". That afternoon, Patrick went fishing again, this time with his Dad "Red" and his brother Adam. The three of them had just two adult fishing rods on board, so Patrick used Bode's new Garfield rod and reel. And as luck would have it, he hooked into a Musky. Not a big one...just a 24 incher...but the strength of the fish tested the quality of the rod, the reel and the line that made up the Garfield rig. Patrick was able to land the fish. Certainly some excitement, some laughs and some fun on the water.

Good job Patrick. Is was great having you and your family here at Oak Haven.