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    Well we finally got the fish going out here with a somewhat normal weather pattern. We moved about six fish per day and caught at least one fish every day with the exception of losing one yesterday. We had a few two fish days also. Mostly upper thirty inch fish to mid forty. We did have a giant follow in on Monday. Vexers were the hot bait this week. We had fish every day go after them. No fishing this weekend unless a magic babysitting miracle happens. Good luck everyone
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    lol " Magic babysitting miracle ". I like it. Welcome to parenthood. As a grand parent, I have somewhat of an idea of what defines "miracle". Usually, it's Gramma. lol

    Anybody else out there fishing ? I gotta' drag my boat out of the shed and check everything out. Hitting the Chip last of July and the beginning of August. Hope the fish move. If Muskie aren't happening, I reckon it'll be tube jigs and crappie. Or a lot of beer.

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    While i am stuck at work right now. But I had seen a lot of fish the last 5 or 6 days. Last night up was wednesday night. "I" lost a 37ish fish, some might argue (me) my son did not lift the net when the fish was in it. The very next cast he caught a 39.75 inch fish. In hind sight I am glad my fish was lost because the wind would have pushed me onto the spot and he woulda never caught his fish. Lots of fish running between 38 to 43 inches this year, seam bigger than last couple years.

    ps- nice to see a report ty!! Car seats with mosquito nets work great and its never too early to have them throw a pacemaker, or you can throw it and they can wind it. Of course that won't help you for guiding.

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