Clint Luksa is an avid angler who for years has been fishing different parts of the Mississippi River. He makes his own lures and enjoys chasing Northern Pike. Clint often lands a decent amount of jumbo Musky and Largemouth Bass in the process. Last week he and his family stayed at Oak Haven Resort for the first time. Before they left, Clint had become the 4th Oak Haven guest since 2014 to land a 50+ inch Musky. I had the opportunity to look at his home made lures and enjoyed hearing him explain what makes them different from other lures. It's very clear to me that Clint is not your average angler.

While fishing from an Oak Haven rental boat, Clint was headed back to Oak Haven one evening last week when he spotted a big fish cruising the shallow water. Big Musky are often spotted, but most of the time anglers can't seem to get them to bite. On his third cast, Clint's home made lure triggered a strike and he set the hook. The fish swam towards the boat and his girlfriend Sophie was able to net the monster after a short battle. The lure was easily removed. After a couple of photographs and a quick measurement, the Musky was released alive.

Nice work Clint! Thanks for staying with us.