Fishing has been pretty exciting lately here at Oak Haven!

Roger Hoeppner landed an 18 inch Bass, an 18 5/8 inch Bass and a 36 1/2 inch Northern Pike today. The fish are safe for now....Roger is in for the night and ready for some supper! I took pictures of Roger with all three of these fish, and I measured them. When that was done, Roger released all three fish alive from the Oak Haven docks. We have pictures of that too.

The four guy group of Rick Martens, Al Dalziel, Roger Hoeppner and his brother Reed Hoeppner come here every year and do very well. Their pictures make it to our brochure just about every year. We create a new brochure every year and every fish shown in the new brochure are from the previous year. You will never see old pictures of fish in our brochure.

We have cabins available. Need to get away? Give us a call. Toll Free 1-877-860-9948. Thanks.