Guests staying at Oak Haven Resort are enjoying a 70 degree opening day of the Walleye season....and almost everyone is catching Walleyes. The guys in Cabin 8 went fishing at midnight and had their first fish fry at 4 AM. I opened the bait shack at 5:30 AM, sold some bait...and when things settled down I took my fishing pole to the end of one of our five permanent docks. To my left the ducks were landing and taking off and to my right a pair of loons were sounding their early morning wake up calls. I tossed a Shiner out a few times, didn't get a Walleye bite...but I did notice the 6-10 Perch following my Shiner on each retrieve, so I decided to let them have him. Caught two 9-10 inch Perch in the next minute. Then a smoke alarm went off in a cabin. Just toast. Happens opening week every year it seems. Then I could smell bacon.

It was a good morning.