We have had a pretty good spring with some ups and downs. I (Mike) started guiding April 7. Not every day, weather has been interesting with some very good days and some pretty tough ones. Fishing a little on both reservoirs with good and interesting on both. Right now the walleyes are mostly out of the spawn. They are starting to feed stronger, which also means the smaller fish are also coming more aggressive. Which has been making it interesting getting enough keepers some days. But our guides will work to get a nice bag of walleyes like this limit caught yesterday. We put in a little overtime to get this nice bag of walleyes.

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Using spinners, crawlers, and/or minnows. guys are also doing good pulling crank baits. Depth of water has been changing. Mostly 15 to 20 feet. Stop in to our bait shop to pick up your fishing gear and bait for your outing.

Here is my report from April 7 until yesterday.

April 7 I took a group out from Sioux Falls area. We fished in 30 mph winds catching 45 plus fish with a limit (16) of walleyes. I believe it is their 3rd spring in a row fishing with me.

Off April 8-9 for State Bowling Tourney in Yankton, SD. (Currently sitting in 1st with 2 weekends to go)

April 11 I had an individual from Sioux Falls. He never fishes very long and caught his limit of 4 and a few smallies in an hour and a half.

April 12 and 13 I had a couple out from Alexandria, MN. We had a major weather change. Fished on day 1 from noon till 6. Caught 5 keepers.
On the 13th we fished from 7:00 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. and caught 6 keepers. Tough bite, cold and wind.

April 17 I had a group out from Sioux Falls, SD. We had a fantastic day catching 70 to 80 plus fish with a limit of 16.

April 20-21 I had a gentleman out from Wausau, NE. 2 days of great weather. Bite was a little tougher but came in with our limits both days (8).

April 22 I had a group from Alexandria, MN. It was a very interesting day. No wind, lots of boat traffic, and no current. At 10:15 we had 0. Also Brian Ward was guiding another group with the same success. This is why we work together. Decided we better start running around. Found a school of fish at 1:00 (Brian found them). Full by 3. Boys got to see a lot of water, but it was worth it.

April 24 I had a group out from Sioux Falls, SD. What a trip with great action! Caught 60 plus fish. Group had a great time! Couple friends could not make it with a storm moving in. They sure missed a good trip.mph winds

April 26 I had a group from Wausa, NE. These guys are troopers. We were in the middle of a cold front. High of 37 with 25 plus mph winds. The bite was tough but caught a dandy stringer of fish. It took us all day with a lot of cold running around, but a great trip.

April 27 I had a group out from Sioux Falls, SD. As with my group from yesterday I have guided these guys for 15 years. Was a little warmer. Highs in the 40s. Bite was a little better. Good action catching 40 to 50 fish. Caught our limit a little after 2. Nice stringer of fish and a great time.

April 28-29 I had a group out from Beresford, SD. 2 excellent days with a dandy stringer of fish both days!! Caught 50-60 fish each day.

May 2-3 I had a group from Plattesmouth, NE Limits both days (12) by 10:30 a.m. Excellent time as usual. Caught over 100 fish in 2 days.
Will see you next week!!

May 5 I had a gentleman from Sioux City Iowa. Had our limit by 8:30 a.m.!! With a nice bag of fish! Caught over 40 fish, quit at 10:30 as I had 8th grade graduation. He was just passing through for the morning.

May 6 I was part of a company a company group from Sioux Falls, SD. guiding with Brian Ward and Eric Steichen. Another interesting day,(no wind, no current, lots of traffic)but as my pic above noted we ended up with a nice bag. This was about patience today. Started catching our keepers when the wind started blowing.

Until next time
Mike Allen