Well here we go another Ice Fishing Season starting. A few brave soles out on the ice over the Holiday by the way Happy New Year everybody. The ice is about 8-10inches in some spots and in others where there is shove ice can be 10-12inches or more. Open water this morning off of Rock Road or the what we call the Stacks. It should get a lot better after the end of the week. Wednesday through the end of the week we are suppose to have single digits even during the day. Now that will make some ice. We are suppose to have some rain though in the next day or two.

Just be real careful right now it is a little tricky out there. I am moving some shacks today and tomorrow down on the edge of the shoreline close in on the ice so they will be ready to go.
Good Luck Everybody and we still have openings if you want to go get in some fishing.
Capt. Fritz

PS. Remember these pictures from last year, going to be fun making new memories.