With the recent ice/sleet/rain/snow mix, the lakes have gotten some much needed help. Slush is almost gone on the area lakes after the recent cold snap(sure you can find slush if you look for it), but the main areas that have had travel are solid. Ice thicknesses range from 6 to 9 inches of ice and making more as we speak. Always check areas that haven't had traffic to be on the safe side. Watch areas that have had areas of snow collecting(down wind sides of lakes like the south and east shores). ATV's and snowmobiles are traveling all over the lakes right now. Most lakes are marked for snowmobile traffic and are considered safe. Trail conditions are been reported as great in some areas and rough in others. Overall, the report I am hearing from riders coming into Fibber's is that the trails are better than what anyone thought. We need some snow...looks like it is coming Mon-Tues next week.


Bite has been great for me this week with all day action. Numbers of fish and lots of flags have been the norm. Lots of daytime action in the deeper water. Tip ups rigged with sucker minnows and some with large fatheads are producing very well. Jigging with Castmaster rattle spoons, Jigging Rapalas, Hyper-glides, and the good ole jig/minnow combo have brought up some walleyes, but this jig bite has been day to day and sometimes short windows in the afternoon. Tip ups remain the best overall approach for me. Catching pike and bass mixed in the walleyes too. I have been setting up on deeper flats near weeds and also on top of hard bottom areas close to mud. Walleyes are full of little perch and wigglers.

Crappies and bluegills:

These guys are biting pretty well right now. Weed flats in bays and adjacent to deeper drops are where the fish are holding. Some crappies are in small basins over mud too. As the winter moves on, so do this fish to the deeper water. Small jigs(Marmooska's, Clam Tungstens, etc) tipped with waxies and spikes are getting results. Drill lots of holes and move around. Mornings and last 2 hours of the day have been best for quality fish.

Good Luck out there! Next weekend at Fibber's Restaurant and Bar on Big ST Germain Lake is our annual Tundra Plunge(in the lake) for the Lombardi Foundation. Come and meet former Packer Bill Schroeder and have a chance to win a filmed TV show with John Gillespie and myself. John will be at the jump filming us crazy jumpers. For more info call 715 542 3433 (Fibber's/St Germain Lodge) or visit http://lombardifoundation.kintera.or...ievent=1168875