Here are the results to our 2016 Fishing Contest. Please remember that many fish caught by our guests never get entered into our contest. Our contest is for fun, not for money. Integrity, proof and accuracy are important. We measure fish with the mouth closed and the tail squeezed. Oak Haven Resort supports catch, measure, photograph and release of nearly all big fish.

Our Giant Muskie Champion for 2016 is Chris Gartner. He landed a sweet 50 inch Muskie in July. Ryan Schwartz took second place with the 43 inch beauty he landed in September. Both fish were photographed and released. Look for these fish and more in our new brochures that were printed in December, 2016.

Rick Martens is our Big Pike Champion for 2016. In mid-September he landed a 37 incher. This fish was photographed and released at the Oak Haven docks. Mike Williams was second at 35 1/2 inches. 3rd to 6th went to Christopher Roozen (33 in)...Terry Engel (32 in)...Owen Brummer (31 in)...and Karen Naramore (30 in).

Our top ten Largemouth Bass were all 19 to 20 inches. Remember, with the mouth closed! First place ended up in a tie between Don Weaver and Roger Hoeppner at 20 inches. Mike Van't Sant was next at 19 3/4 inches. We had a tie at 19 1/2 between Don Weaver and Paul Cusmano. We had another tie at 19 3/8 inches between Roger Hoeppner and Owen Brummer. Finishing out the top ten was Tyler Domeier with two nice Bass....19 1/4 inches and 19 1/8 inches....and Roger Hoeppner again with a 19 incher. Nice work guys!

Steve Blakstad is our Walleye Champion with the 28 incher he landed and released in mid June. Mike Hoffman was next at 27 1/2 inches. His was landed and released in early June. Mike Williams was 3rd at 25 3/4 inches, then Travis Green at 25 1/2. Mike Hoffman was 5th at 25 inches, Sean Houi was 6th at 24 3/4 inches.

Jodi Blakstad is our Crappie Champion with the 14 3/4 inch jumbo she landed during opening week (Mid-May) in 2016. Finishing in 2nd place was J.P. Nixon at 13 1/2 inches. We had a 4-way tie at 13 1/4 inches between Abby Houliston, John Pilger, Nate Houliston and Mark Anderson. Finishing out our top ten are Bob Thiele (13 1/8 in)...Bill Thiele (13 in)...Jacob Mejia-Meggitt (12 3/4 in) and Abby Houliston (12 3/4 in).

Our three biggest Perch were all landed in September. Linda Tyo is the Champion at 11 3/4 inches. Second place went to Scott Munson at 11 5/8 inches. We had a 4-way tie at 11 1/2 inches between Linda Tyo, Terry Meggitt, Doug Becker and Aaron Kizer. Jim Sager landed an 11 3/8, then we had a 3-way tie at 11 1/4 inches between Abby Houliston, Sophia Juhler and Colby Latvala.

Our Big Rock Bass Title went to Vicki Fader who landed an 11 7/8 incher. Second place went to Ethan Drake at 11 5/8 inches. Tied at 11 1/2 was Andrew Przybyla and Bryson Wagler. Tied at 11 3/8 inches was Jim Sherman and Steve Antell. We had a tie at 11 1/4 inches between Terry Wagler and Bryson Wagler.

Nick Boehmke took first and second place in our Giant Sunfish contest with his 10 1/2 inch and 10 inch Sunny's that he landed in July. (Includes Bluegill and Pumpkinseed) We had a 3-way tie at 9 3/4 inches between Calvin Rooke, Joey Domeier and Lynn Wagler. Then we had a 4-way tie at 9 1/2 inches between Lynn Wagler, Jeff Sager, Steve Antell and Mark Woldruff.

And finally our Giant Bullhead Contest winner is Mr. Eddie Houi. He knocked down a lunker 15 1/2 inch Bullhead back in June. Finishing second was Treyton Wagler at 13 3/4 inches. Third went to Lynn Wagler at 11 7/8 and 4th went to Conrad Stockinger at 11 1/2 inches.

Thanks for participating in our contest. Who will win in 2017?