We have had a pretty good run for our guide service through September. There have been a few tough days in there, but for the most part we have been getting our limit almost every day. But we have to put in our time. As a reminder our service will go to great lengths to make sure you have an excellent trip and come into our limit of walleyes. As per usual, if you can figure out a pattern to catch them, the walleyes will be a little bigger. Most people coming out on their own are not having much success. Right now you have to be perfect with speed and presentation to get them caught. Also our service is sharing intel while we are out to make sure our customers catch some walleyes.

As a whole our guide service fishes live bait, but this fall has turned into a crank bait bite. Even myself (Mike) has had to put the lures out. I usually will go to great lengths to figure them out baiting. But i had to give in. Better to catch them cranking, then not to catch them at all. The bass bite for myself has been good to excellent, when I have been chasing them. Catching 2-4 between 18 and 21 on most days. Also catching 4 to 7 keeper walleyes in the same area. The bass bite is on ultra lites, so it is a blast.

We basically have less than 2 weeks left of our scheduled guide season. Our full time staffers jump into the pheasant hunting on Oct 15. We will have some of our 3/4 time staff available occasionally. We do not book many trips out too far as weather creates a big problem in mid to late fall. Lee Pulse, Scott Handel, Eric Steichen, and myself have some openings the next 10 days.

Will try and get a fishing log out in the next couple days.

Until next time
Mike Allen