July and August produced some really nice fish even though most of our regulars here reported not finding Walleyes in their favorite fishing holes. July 21st we made it through the reported 80 to 105 mph winds, many trees down and lots of other damage in the Bemidji/Cass Lake area. No damage to any of our cabins. July produced a record amount of rainfall. August was hot and humid.

Four of our guests here at Oak Haven landed a Muskie during July and August. The leader now is Chris Gartner. He boated, photographed and released a giant 50 incher on July 27th. Also landing Muskies this summer were Nathan Sager, Austin Stundahl and Eric Henkle.

Mike Williams moved into the Pike lead for 2016 when he landed a 35 1/2 incher on 8-26. Christopher Roozen's 2nd place 33 inch Pike was landed on 7-20. Owen Brummer landed a 31 incher on 8-24.

Don Weaver's 20 inch Largemouth Bass that he landed in May remains on top of the leader board, but Mike Van't Sant's 2nd place fish barely missed when his Bass measured in at 19 3/4 inches on August 2nd. Owen Brummer caught a 19 3/8...Tyler Domeier landed two lunkers in mid August....19 1/4 and 19 1/8. Tessa Irvine boated a 19 incher and Logan Bendickson landed an 18 incher.

Mike Williams caught a 25 3/4 inch Walleye on August 23rd, that fish is 3rd place in our 2016 contest. Larry Larsen landed a 23 1/2 inch Walleye on 8-14-16...which is tied for 7th. Our 3rd biggest Crappie of the year...a sweet 13 1/4 incher, was reeled in by John Pilger on August 31st. Our 2nd biggest Rock Bass of the year was landed by Ethan Drake. His 11 5/8 incher was caught on July 5th.

July 27th was the day Nick Boehmke took the lead in our Giant Bluegill Contest. His 10 1/2 incher and 10 incher are 1 and 2 on our chart for 2016. Calvin Rooke caught a 9 3/4 on 8-31 and Joey Domeier caught a 9 3/4 on August 14th. Jeff Sager landed a 9 1/2 on 8-11 and "the Pride of Wisconsin" Steve Antell boated his 9 1/2 incher on the 4th of July.

The Big Perch Contest is a 3-way tie right now. Aaron Kizer landed an 11 1/2 incher back in May. Terry Meggitt landed his 11 1/2 on 8-31 and Doug Becker boated his 11 1/2 on July 8th. Other big Perch caught in July and August were Jim Sager's 11 3/8 and Abby Houliston's 11 1/4. Two Perch measuring 11 1/8 inches were landed by Joe Salvatore and Doug Becker.

We close the mouth and squeeze the tail when measuring fish for our contest. Either the fish itself or a photograph of it laying on an Oak Haven yardstick is required to enter the contest. There is integrity in our contest.

September is off to a great start. Stay tuned to this station for that information!