8-15-16 Lake Mendota, sunny, 75 degrees, NW winds 5- 10 mph, water temp 80 degrees. Caught 9 smallmouth 3 largemouth bass, 2 walleye, and a few bluegills on night crawlers in 10-14 ft of water. The fish were in the scattered weed pockets

8-14-16 Lake Delavan , sunny, 85 degrees, winds 5-10 SW, water temp 79 degrees, caught 9 largemouth, 2 smallmouth and a few bluegills, We fished everywhere from 13-23 ft of water. The best bait was jig/gulp leech or crawlers

8-11-16 Lake Geneva, sunny, 84 degrees, E winds at 5 mph, water temp 81 degrees. Caught 1 smallmouth, 1 largemouth and over 40 bluegills keeping 20 for the nights fish fry

8-10-16 Lake Mendota, sunny, 78 degrees, SE winds at 5 mph, water temp 74 degrees. Caught 2 largemouth bass, 7 smallmouth. The fish were on the weed line in 13-15 ft of water caught on split shot rigged night crawlers, Fished the city shoreline, Dunn's Bar & Gov. Inland was the best location.

8-8-16 Lake Delavan, sunny, 70 degrees, NE wind at 10 mph, water temp 79 degrees. Caught 2 smallmouth , 5 largemouth, and a few bluegills . All the fish were caught in 13-15 ft of water on a split shot night crawler fished beneath the boat.