Here it is the middle of August.

The fishing is still good to excellent. We as a guide service are catching 35 to 60 plus fish per day. Some days it is easy and some days we have to work at it, but that is fishing. We are the leaders in the industry. Not only the leader in taking groups like yours on the Missouri River, but also the leader in finding and catching limits. Our guides are the most talented on catching walleyes. Our record of successful trips speak for itself. One thing about it, if is one of those days where things are a little slow, fish with us is the place to be. No guide service works harder to make your trip successful.

There has been no specific depth on either reservoir. With the amount of bait out there, the water depth from day to day changes. I (Mike) have caught fish from 7 foot to 40 foot in the same area. Spinners and crawlers have been best. Fishing both reservoirs depending on the day. The smally bite is getting better in a few areas, but depends on the day as to how many you will catch.

Here is some pictures from the last couple of days.

Here is my report starting July 23.

July 23 - I had a family of 5 from Britt, IA. We had an excellent day with lots of action for everyone. Caught 65 to 70 fish.

July 24-25 I had a family out from Topeka, KS. Great weather and excellent fishing. A dandy stringer of fish catching 45-50 fish on day 1, 30 fish by 9:30. They wanted to be back at home by dark with a limit of walleyes. Mission accomplished.

July 25-26 I had a veterinary group from Inwood, IA and Columbus, NE. In the evening of the 25th we caught 20 walleyes with a limit. Great evening a a nice supper of walleyes. Day 2 we caught 50 fish by 11:30 a.m. A great 2 day trip!!

July 27-28 Fished with a family of grandparents and grandkids from Nebraska and Peoria, AZ. Caught 90 fish in the 2 days. The kids had a blast. Look forward to seeing them again.

July 30. Group was from Worthington and Sioux Falls. Lots of action catching walleyes and smallies. Caught 70 plus fish.

July 31 I took out my mom, her husband, and husband's grandson. It was a little slower but a good day catching 25-30 fish. We also had 8 smallies with our limit.

Aug 1, Family was from Pierce and Columbus, NE. The group caught 50-55 fish, releasing a beauty 18.5 plus inch bass.

Aug 2, A family group from Omaha. First fishing trip for the father and his sons. We caught 75 fish with also a limit of smallies releasing 4 trophies from 18 to 20 inches.

Aug 5-6 I had a group with guide Scott Handel. They caught 225 fish in the 2 days. Also added 15 bass on the 2 days. This company trip is from Greeley, KS. They had n outstanding time. Will see you next year!!

Aug 7. Family was from Sioux Falls, SD. First time fishing on the Missouri River for this whole family. 5 people in my boat. We fished until 11:30 a.m. Caught 50 fish. Great way to end their vacation!

Until next time.
Mike Allen