Since May 14th, the fishing season has been open for 21 days now. Many guests have landed Walleyes. Travis Green has the lead in our Fishing Contest with a 25 1/2 incher. Some groups have had success landing a batch of nice Crappies in the 10-12 inch range. Biggest so far is Jodi Blakstad's 14 3/4 incher. Mark Anderson landed a 13 1/4 inch Crappie yesterday. Don Weaver took the Largemouth Bass lead with a 20 inch lunker. Don also landed a 19 1/2 and a 17 1/2 the week he was here. Dean Lanners landed an 18 inch Bass. Mark Woldruff landed an 18, a 17 3/4 and a 17 1/2. All of these Bass were released alive. Biggest Bluegill so far was 9 1/2 inches, caught by Mark Woldruff.

The weather has been very inconsistent. May 13 and 14 we had tough weather. Then a warming trend, sunshine and blue sky drove the water temp from 48 to 66 in a very short time. Lots of rain recently has everything nice and green. Winds out of the east have not helped the fishing. But in the end, fillets are in the skillet and a nice fishing vacation is being enjoyed.

Here in the channel between Andrusia Lake and Big Wolf Lake, on the Cass Lake Chain of Nine Lakes, we are in a major bird nesting area. Boats traveling slowly can enjoy seeing Loons on their nests, plus Ducks and Ducklings and families of Geese. The No Wake law here was created to protect those nesting birds. This is a very nice area for canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. Enjoy watching things like Bald Eagles being chased by Red Wing Blackbirds. Painted Turtles are now starting to come onto our property to lay their eggs. The turtles go as far as our outdoor pool to lay their eggs. We talk with kids about the importance of leaving those turtles alone until that process is finished.

So many cool things to enjoy at Oak Haven.

Get close to Mother Nature and away from rowdy places. Vacation at Oak Haven.