5-21-16 Delavan Lake, sunny, SW wind at 10 mph, air temp 75 degrees, water temp 62 degrees. Caught 9 largemouth. All the fish were caught on a green pumpkin yum dingers fished in 3-4 ft of water
5-20-16 Delavan Lake, Sunny, SW wind at 10 mph, Water Temp 60 degrees. Caught 4 largemouth bass and a whole bunch of rock bass in 3-4 ft of water. All the fish were caught on split shot rigged night crawlers.
5-16-16 Delavan Lake, Sunny, W wind at 15 mph, temp 60, water temp 56 degrees. Caught 2 largemouth bass and a few of panfish. There was a cold front and fishing was very slow. The fish were caught in 3-4 ft.