Time flies when you are having fun. It has been an up and down spring. Between mother nature and the river rising 8 plus feet in 10 days our bite has been kind of a rollercoaster. We do have the advantage of having the best fisherman on the Missouri River system guiding for us. So we have been very quick to adapt..

As far as the fishing goes. There has been a bite at Kiowa Flats, and the White River area. Also Lake Sharpe, from Lower Brule to north of West Bend. Some days are real good and some days a struggle. The guides have been filling every day. We are running 4 to 7 plus boats most days, to keep our guide customers on the best bite.

I have not been out everyday till recently, which is normal. Until recently.

April 20-21 I had a group out from Plattesmouth, Ne. I guide this group numerous times a year. Cheaper than owning a boat and we always catch fish. We fished in the Crow Creek area and caught 120 plus fish in the 2 days with limits (16) both days.

April 25-26 I had a group out from Lakota, IA. Pretty consistent weekend. We caught our limit of walleyes and smallies both days. Our numbers were in the 100-110 fish in 2 days.

April 28-29 I had a group of 4 people out from greenfield, IA area. Walleye bite slow so chased smallies for 2 days with limits both days. Also came in with 7 walleyes on day 1 and 14 walleyes on day 2. Caught around 120 fish in 2 days. Lots of action.

May 2-3 I had a group out from Council Bluffs (3 people). On our first day we got blown off the lake with 11 walleyes and a limit of smallies. Day 2 we had a limit of walleyes and 5 smallies by noon. Caught in that 100 fish range in the 2 days.

May 4-5 I had an individual out from Sioux City, IA. We had a great time catching fish boating 60 plus fish each day with both limits of walleyes and smallmouth each day.

May 6 I had a group out of 4 people from Ponca, NE and Germany. It was their 2nd year fishing with me. Caught our limit (20) and Also a limit of smallies. What a great time on the lake.

May 7 I had a couple out from Spearfish, SD. We had an outstanding numbers day as we boated almost 100 fish. Mostly smallmouth. Had a great time with limits of walleyes and smallmouth.

May 11 I had 3 gentlemen out from Pringham, IA. Again boated close to 100 fish, with a limit of smallmouth and a dandy limit of walleyes.

May 12-13 I had a group along with guides Brian Ward (Day 1) - Lee Pulse (Day 2) and Scott Handel. Can you say wind on this trip? We had 9 people out with limits of walleyes and a very good bunch of bass. This is the trip where you do not brag too much. Our boat was the first boat filled on day 1 and the last boat filled (5:00 p.m.) on day 2. But an excellent trip with lots of action. Already booked again for next year.

May 14 I had a group out from Ivanhoe, Lake Benton, and Cottonwood, MN. We stayed out of the wind this day and boated our limits of walleyes and smallmouth. We caught 45 fish on this day.

May 15 of for my daughter's (Brooke) high school graduation

May 16 I had a group out from Montana and Reno, NV. We caught both a limit of walleyes and smallmouth catching around 65 fish. An excellent time and some good eating there.

Until next time
Mike Allen
Mike Allen