Well, we finished the opening weekend of the 2016 fishing season. What a start it was! Weather was great and the only complaint was things were a little breezy. Fish were very cooperative, you don't often see good weather and good fishing at the same time. I fished both deep clear water and dark shallow water. We had success in both types. Everything we caught were spawned out. We had a lot of nice 15 to 19 inchers along the way, with some slot fished and some shorts. What I was seeing is fish that are just beginning their post spawn bite. Flooded grass and any green submerged weed is attracting fish. Jig and minnow combinations were deadly. Fish activity should really begin to heat up now as weed growth gets better. Letís hope the weather stays nice. Reports have fishermen catching nice gills but they are still deep. Crappies have been hitting on smaller waters and should just get better. Well thatís it for now. Good luck fishing! Jeff