Walleye fishing the last few days has been a lot of fun. the rivers during the day have been a little slow at nigh fantastic. Fishing here in Sturgeon Bay at night has been a ball. Lots of big fish to have fun with. I don't pull boards at night we hold the rods right off the side of the boat so you can feel when the whoppers hit the bait. I had Fred Storm & his friend Eric out this weekend and we had fun at night. I have some pictures for you, fish weighed from 6 to almost 10lbs.

the only bump in the road were the guys that want to run six bds. and try and push everybody out to deep water. Fisherman the way to run bds. at night when others are fishing is run only three on the shore side of the boat and one on the other so you can move it out of the way of others passing you that way everybody can stay in the right depth and have a good time without confrontation. When you are by yourself or out in the open no problem but when everybody wants to be tight on the shore you know what to do. I even run into some guys with no lights on their bds. and almost ran them over. WOW! Every body respect everybody else and have fun. Sorry to have to vent but gees guys come on.