Hello out there! Fishing has been fair to excellent, depending on the day. Seems like the last 3 days before this cold front,the fishing has gotten better. We were catchin 10-20 fish per day. Most were keepers. Now it has changed and our numbers have jumped. Still the same amount of keepers per day or maybe a few more, but catching more small fish. Our numbers have been in the 50+ range the last few days. Light bottom bouncers or jigs have been best.
Also the crank bite has been good,if that is what you choose to do.

I(Mike) am starting to go full swing, avoiding myself and daughters bowling schedule. Our guides have been out regular when the weather works out.

I (Mike) have guided 5 days in the last week and a half. I guided on April 8, I had a group out from Sioux Falls. Not big numbers but nice fish. Ended up with 14, 3 people. caught 20 fish.

April 10, I had a group from Winner, Garretson and Minnesota. We had an excellent day with limit(16) by 12:30. Also brought in 5 catfish. We caught around 30 fish including the catfish.

April 13 I took out a couple from Sioux Falls. They only wanted to fish for a couple hours. So I picked them up at 12:15 and fished until 2:45. We ended up catching 15 fish, 5 keepers. It was so nice that day, that I went out that evening with a friend from town. Fished from 6-8p.m. Caught 20 fish, 8 keepers. Pretty good day.

April 14-15 I Curt Nepple and myself guided a group from Lincoln, NE. On day 1, both boats filled (16) by noon, each catching in the 60 fish range. On day 2, we both filled our customers fish (12) by 12:15, and called it a day to beat the supposed 40 mph wind. They also could get home for supper. Pretty good day when you can catch a limit of walleyed in South Dakota and have supper in Lincoln, NE on the same day.

Until next time
Mike Allen