After a long period of heavy winds from every direction, stability has returned and remains in place for the near-term.

Shoreline water where we are normally fishing for brown trout this time of year, remains churned up with sediment. However it is improving and we caught a few fish in there yesterday (April 13) after beginning offshore to catch our limit of large lake trout.

April usually offers good fishing when the winds and waves allow. This is primarily a shallow water brown trout or offshore lake trout fishery. The fish are averaging 5-15lbs with even larger fish, certainly a possibility.

Schools of coho salmon will be arriving into our waters soon and we will begin to orient our gear primailry towards them when they get here. Timing of their arrival will depend on water temperature and baitfish movements. It could be a week or it could be May 1. But in the meantime, our trout fishing has been excellent.

- Capt Rick