Today is another cold rainy day on a weekend. Ice is still fishable on lots of lakes, but access to lakes via the north shore is getting slim. Lots of lakes have open water too far out for planks or too deep for knee boots. Even though we haven't had the warm weather since the "tease" weekend(2 weeks ago when it 70), the ice is getting beat up and it shouldn't be long for open water. We do have rain again today and mid week forecasted, but then a cool down for the weekend. After that it looks to warm up and have sun. Ice will still be out ahead of schedule for a normal Winter, but it won't out as soon as people (including myself) where predicting.

My ice rods are put away, except for tomorrow's trip to Canada to film with John G. Guys are still getting out here and there and having mixed results depending on the weather. Reminder to all, starting April 1st, the change in panfish regulations will take place on several lakes. It will be a good thing on these lakes that definitely need management for size and numbers.

Now is the time of year to start hitting the rivers, Green Bay, and rig the new boats for the season.

Good Luck!