Here's the results for our 2015 fishing contest. Remember, many fish caught by our guests never get measured for our

Our Giant Muskie Champion for 2015 is Ryan Schwartz. He photographed, measured and quickly released the 43 inch Muskie he
landed on September 3rd. The picture of Ryan and his Muskie are now on the cover of the new Oak Haven brochures that were
printed in December 2015. Our second place Muskie was a 34 incher landed by Matt Hoeft on July 30th. Like every year,
numerous guests came back with stories about giant Muskie resting in the shallows, swimming next to their boat or seen
following their lure. Watch your lure all the way to the boat. You never know!

Mid to late summer was good Northern Pike fishing again here on the Cass Lake Chain of Nine Lakes. On July 26th Todd
Gerbrandt landed a 36 5/8 incher to claim our 2015 Pike Championship. Right behind him was a 36 1/8 inch Pike landed by
Bill Nettles on Sept. 18th. Third place went to Stephanie Van't Sant when she landed a nice 34 1/2 inch Pike on August
3rd. Muskie hunter Ryan Schwartz landed our 4th place Pike, a 32 incher. Then we had Dean Lanners at 31 inches, Dennis
Scarriot at 30 inches, Charlie Hasek landed a 29 3/4, then Akio Toby and Terry Meggitt were tied at 29 inches.

In the Largemouth Bass category, Rick Martens brought in the biggest Bass we've seen in our nine years here. With the
mouth closed, this fish measured a full 21 inches. It too is shown on the cover of our new brochure. (Want a copy of our
new brochure? Call 1-218-335-2092 or send us an email) After photographs, Rick released this monster off the end of the
Oak Haven docks. Dan Tyo finished 2nd with his 20 1/8 incher that he too released from the Oak Haven docks. Roger Hoeppner
was 3rd at 19 1/4 inches. Then we had a five-way tie at exactly 19 inches. The tie was between Cindy Hoehne, Bob Thiele,
Jerry Klemme, Reed Hoeppner and Matt Pemberton.

Walleyes are the most sought after fresh water fish in Minnesota. Many of our guests enjoy eating Walleyes during their
stay, as well as taking home their 6-fish limit of Walleyes. Here, each license may take home five Walleyes under 20
inches as well as one over 20 inches. Most people prefer eating Walleyes that are 14-17 inches. Dave Jacobson landed a 25
1/4 inch Walleye on June 21st and it held on the rest of the year to end up our Champion. Owen Brummer narrowly missed
when he landed a 24 3/4 inch Walleye on August 16th. Mark Beltz was 3rd with a 24 incher. Then we had Bob Thiele at 23 5/8
inches, Kathy Thiele at 23 1/2 inches (you can see we measure them very carefully), then Randall Wagler was next with a 23
1/4 incher. Eddie Houi and his son Sean Houi each landed a 23 inch Walleye.

2015 also produced the biggest Crappie we've seen in our nine years here. Steve Blakstad landed a huge 15 1/4 inch Crappie
(again, measured with the mouth closed) on May 15th. That Crappie topped the 15 incher that he had landed on May 8th.
Andrea Wagler finished in 3rd place with the 14 5/8 inch Crappie that she landed on June 3rd. Jack Anderson was 4th at 14
1/4 inches. Three people tied at exactly 14 inches. They were Klaus Klasens, Eddie Houi and Sean Houi. Then we had a 3-way
tie at 13 3/4 inches between Andrea Wagler, Eddie Houi and Mike Heisler.

Our biggest Perch of the year was landed by Don Brawner. His 12 5/8 incher was landed on May 15th. Second place went to
Lance Lichtas with a 12 1/2 inch Perch he landed on June 10th. Matt Reinhardt was 3rd at 12 1/4 inches. We had a 3-way tie
for 4th at 12 inches, landed by Chad Streit, Bob Thiele and John Medina, Jr. Kathy Thiele took the next three biggest at 11 3/4 inches, plus two at 11 1/2 inches. Tenth place went to Conrad Johanning at 11 3/8 inches.

Good size Rock Bass can be landed in these waters. The biggest for our 2015 contest was 12 inches and was landed by Doug
Becker on July 7th. Jerry Klemme finished 2nd at 11 7/8 inches. Gavin Grant and Eddie Houi were next at 11 3/4 inches.
Katie Sager landed an 11 5/8 inch Rock Bass. We had a tie for 6th place at 11 1/2 inches between Reed Hoeppner and Owen

Big Sunfish, Bluegill and Pumpkinseed are enjoyed by many anglers who stay at Oak Haven Resort. We have a tie for the 2015
Big Sunfish Championship between Katie Brabec (landed 7-14-15) and Mike Heisler (landed 5-14-15) at 10 1/4 inches. Wayne
Jarosz was next with a 10 1/8 incher. There's a tie for 4th place at 10 inches between Kathy Johanning and Randall Wagler.
Sixth place went to Andrea Wagler at 9 7/8 inches. Then we had a 4-way tie at 9 3/4 inches between Penny Antell, Andrea
Wagler, Sean Houi and Logan Brabec.

And finally, our Giant Bullhead Champion for 2015 is Mark Woldruff. The 14 1/2 incher he landed on June 18th narrowly
edged Lynn Nagel's 14 incher that he landed on July 9th. Jacob Meggitt caught the 3rd biggest Bullhead in 2015 with his 13
incher. Juel Wagler was 4th at 12 1/2 inches.

Thanks to all the adults and kids who participated in our 2015 fishing contest and thanks for making it fun!