Up to date report. Fishing has been very different from day to day. We dealt with a lot of wind and rain this week. Unstable temps with very high numbers of bait has made it interesting. For the most part the guides have done good. But not all boats every day. We expect the fishing to get better as we get colder weather. (Who knows when that might happen)

Here it goes!

August was a very good month with 45 per 60 fish caught per day most days with an occasional day over that.

Aug 14-15 we guided a company group of 6 boats out of Columbus, NE area. All boats done very well with an average of 50 fish caught per day per boat. That is a lot of fish.

Aug 16-17 I had a group out from Leroy, MN and Chester, IA. Outstanding 2 days. We caught 90 fish with a dandy stringer of fish.

Aug 18-19 off

Aug 20 I took out a family from Minnesota. Outstanding day of fishing. Limit of walleyes and smallies. Caught 60 fish.

Aug 21 I took out a group from Presho,SD, Arkansas, and Kansas. Excellent day catching over 45 fish.

Aug 22 I had a group out from Canton, SD. We fished in 50 mph winds. Caught 35-40 fish. quit fishing at 11:00 with a dandy stringer (16)

Aug 23 I had a group out from Austin and Blooming Praire, MN. A little tougher day following the wind. Caught 35-40 fish with a nice stringer of walleyes and bass.

Aug 24-25 I had a group out from Mason City and Nora Springs, IA. Very good 2 days catching 150-160 fish with both limits of walleyes and smallies.

Aug 26-27 I had a group out from Edgan and Hebron, NE. On day 1 I took out the wives (2) and the husbands had a follow boat. OUr boat caught 45 fish, so day 2 the husbands thought they should join and we caught 40-45 fish.

Aug 28-29 I had a group out from PLattesmouth, NE. Outstanding 2 days of fishing catching 90 to 100 fish.

Aug 30 off

Aug 31-Sept 1. I had a group out with Scott Handel. We both had outstanding days. Our group from Minnesota and Iowa had a blast catching limits both days.

XX I will not be posting numbers the rest of the way as sometimes while chasing the bigger fish our numbers will drop. So it will not tell how good the fishing is outside of the limits.

Sept 2-3 I had a couple out from Platte City, MO. Limits both days and added 10 smallies to their limit.

Sept 4th I had a couple out from Fairmont, MN. Limit of walleyes and 6 smallies. By the way the women the last 2 days caught most of the fish.

Sept 5th. Lots of action and a nice limit of walleyes (12) and smallies (15). Lots of action and lots of fun.

Sept 6 off

Sept 7th I had a group of 4 from Owatanna and Hills, MN. Lots of action. Ended up with 12 walleyes and a limit of 20 smallies.

Sept 8 - 10 I had a group out with guide Eric Steichen. Group is from Algona and Fenton, IA. We caught possession limit of walleyes. We caught plenty of smallies all 3 days releasing many over 18. They had a great time! Already booked for next year.

Sept 11-12 I had a group out from Missouri Valley and Omaha, NE. On day 1 we covered some miles and put in a long day, but caught our limit of walleyes (12) and smallies (15). On day 2 we caught 9 walleyes, limit smallies (15) and 2 catfish from 7-13 lbs.

Sept 13 I had a group out from Blue Earth, MN. Walleye fishing was real tough (2), but kept my customers in some action and caught a limit of smallies (15)

Our walleye bite from here on has been on a rollercoaster ride. I am keeping my customers on good action while searching for a good walleye bite chasing smallies catching many over 18 inches.

Sept 14 I had brothers out from Sioux Falls, Littleton, CO and Arlington, WA. We caught our limit of smallies and 6 walleyes.

Sept 15-17 I had a group out with guide Curt Nepple. Mostly chasing smaillies. We had a very good fishing trip. Mother nature and a short day made day 3 a little tougher.

Sept 18 I had a group of 2 couples out from Minnesota. Wind blew 40 mph, so tried to keep them comfortable while trying to have some fishing action. We caught a few walleyes(4) with some white bass and smallies. It was a tough cold day out there.

Sept 19 I had a group out from Omaha, NE. We ended up catching 6 walleyes and 5 smallies.

Then the walleye fishing turned around for the better for a few days.

Sept 20 I had a group out from Desmet, SD. Outstanding day catching walleyes. Dandy stringer, limit (16 walleyes)

Sept 21-22 I had a group out from Council Bluffs and Omaha. Dealing with mother nature for 2 days. Caught a dandy limit (12) on day 1. On day 2 we had to avoid a 40 mph wind. Ended up with 9 walleyes, 3 White Bass and 4 smallies.

Sept 23 I had a group out form Seward, Alaska. We went out caught a dandy limit (8) walleyes. A very good trip.

Sept 24 off

Sept 25-26 I had a father/son out from Manhatten, KS. 2 excellent days of walleye fishing. Limits both days (12). Added 5 smallies on day 2.

Sept 27-28 I had a group out from Hastings, NE. Caught limits both days (12). Nice bunch of walleyes.

Sept 29 I had a group out from Mora, Ritchfield, and Little Canada, MN. Caught a beauty limit of walleyes (16). Caught limit then deer hunting in Wyoming. Sounds like one heck of a few days.

Sept 30-Oct 1 I had a group out from St Agnes, IA. On day 1 fishing was a little tougher. Ended up with 8 walleyes (3 guys).Dealing with high winds made a change of venue. Ended up with 7 walleyes, 10 smallies, and 2 Nice Channel Catfish.

Oct 2nd I had a group out from Atlanta, GA area. We ended up with 7 walleyes and 20 bass. Also dealing with high winds. We had plenty of rods bending this day.

Oct 3-4 I had a group from Chicago, IL area with Guide Eric Steichen. Was a tough bite but got our limit caught (24). Day 2 was tougher for me. Eric had a good day with limit of walleyes (12). I made a change of venue in the middle part of the day and ended up catching 2 walleyes and 8 smallies.

As you can see, some really good days and some tough ones. When we do catch them they are very nice 16-20 plus inch walleyes. Mother nature has not helped us the last few days.

We are still busy with boats out every day. I am personally on some college visits with my oldest daughter in Fremont today and Hastings, NE tomorrow (Oct 5). Back on the water Oct 6.

Until next time
Mike Allen