We have a fishing contest for our guests each year. In every cabin there's a book that shows our guests results since 2008. It covers our ten biggest fish each year for nine different species. We measure these fish, with the mouth closed and the tail squeezed, as you would for a state record fish. We take pride in accuracy, the contest involves men, women and children. It's not for money, it's for pride.

Before a couple of weeks ago, the biggest Largemouth Bass we've seen since 2008 was 20 3/4 inches long, caught by Mr. Ed Hoyle (WA) in 2008. Our top ten over the last seven years are all between 20 inches and 20 3/4 inches.

Rick Martens comes here twice each year from Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Al Dalziel, Roger Hoeppner and Reed Hoeppner. They fish for several species but they mostly fish for Largemouth Bass.

It was mid September, 2015. Strong winds howled across the Cass Lake Chain of Nine Lakes. Not many boats on the water that day. Rick Martens and Al Dalziel were Bass Fishing along a thick weed line. Rick was running the motor, trying to steady the boat in the wind, while fishing at the same time. A difficult task indeed. Then it happened. Rick set the hook. It was a huge, powerful Bass. Rick would need help from his seasoned boat mate. These guys have fished together before. No surprise, Al had the net ready. The Bass went deep into the weeds and circled, gathering the weeds like a bouquet. The strong wind pushed the boat on top of the fish. Then at the right moment, Al dipped the net into the weeds under the fish and the two anglers pulled the fish and the weeds into the boat. This was a Monster Bass. It was Rick's biggest Bass ever.

To the docks I was summoned. I took many pictures. I carefully laid the bass on our measuring board...and there it was. The first true 21 inch Largemouth Bass we've seen in nine years. Moments later Rick carried the fish to the end of the dock and I took more pictures as he set it back in the water. It was released alive. Now maybe another angler can catch it. Fun at Oak Haven.