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    Weather continues to stay warm. Water temps are 65-68 degrees still depending upon size and depth of lake.....And NO lakes aren't turning over because they have a green tint to them

    Muskie action remains awesome with 18 of my last 19 trips producing fish. Lots of fish are eating at the boat on the eight. Cowgirls and Flasher style baits are still the best producers right now. Low light times are producing some tpp water action. I did run a couple suckers early one morning when it was cold and did catch 2 fish on them. As it warmed up, they became a decoration and muskies weren't interested in them. I won't use them again until water cools down. Muskies are using weeds in shallow wind blown areas. Retrieve fast and work the weeds over real good. Fish up to 48.5 have hit the net in the past 2 weeks, with several in the low 40's range

    Walleyes are biting pretty good too. Edges of grass, mud, and gravel all have fish on them. Problem is, bait choice....need both minnows(redtails, tuffies) and crawlers. 1/8 jigs drug over structure is the best way I've found to catch them.

    Crappies are deep over the mud and edges of gravel on some lakes too. Plastics vertically presented worked for me. Watch your electronics and believe what you see.

    Good Luck out there!
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    Can I get a report for Oct 21st? That's when I'll be soaking suckers.


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