It was a beautiful evening. Early September. A long day of casting for Muskie was soon to end. Three buddies on a mission. They had seen several Muskie, curious followers. Then it happened. Anglers who enjoy casting know and often talk about, keep your eyes on your lure until it's in the boat. On this cast, Ryan Schwartz looked away as he began to lift his muskie lure from the water. Smash and battle. Good thing he had the right rod, reel, line and leader. But then the realization settled in, the three anglers had approved the net that was on board, a net not worthy of this fish. But it would have to work. Though only half the fish fit in the net, the anglers including Ryan's friend Cal, were able to pull the fish on board. A beautiful golden muskie, looked like a 50...but measured out at 43 inches. Great pictures. Thanks to the three of you for sharing the story and the pictures. The fish was carefully released alive. Muskie must be 54 inches or longer to keep on the Cass Lake Chain of Nine Lakes. Ryan would later tell me, he didn't even like the colors of that lure. But he was using it, because his girlfriend picked it out for him. Well done Ryan. Fishing and Fun at Oak Haven.