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    Default Sept 5th report

    Fishing remains really good across the area. Water temps rose to 72-73 this week


    Fished them sparingly this past week. Found them in deep sand, along gravel edges, and mud. We did find a few smaller fish along weed edges, but that will increase as the temps drop leading to turnover.
    Most of the fish caught were on jigs and live bait or slip bobbers and live bait. Leeches and crawlers. A few fish were picked up on Kalin's Jerk Minnow along the weeds.


    These guys are active as can be. With blooms happening, muskies are shallow and chasing hard. Topwaters, Suicks, Red October tubes, and mostly on double blades like Flashers and Cowgirls. Make sure you are doing good figure eights and even a couple extra blind ones. With the bloom follows are tough to see and muskies seem to come out of nowhere. I've had up to 7 fish hooked in a day over the past two weeks and hasn't been uncommon to get 3 to 4 in the net. Fish the wind and move fast

    On the hunting side, looks like a banner acorn crop....seeing more and more bucks moving around and a couple without velvet.

    Filmed 2 shows in 2 days with Gillespie last week, so stay tuned today and next week to watch!!

    Good Luck!
    Rob Manthei Guide Service
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    Do you know when the water will start turning on the a Sugar Camp Chain?
    Dam and Sand?

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