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    Sorry for the delay in reporting, but most people looking for info locally stop in at Fibber's at talk to me directly. I've been up in Canada for the past week, so just getting back into the swing of things here.

    Fished walleyes yesterday and found that the fish haven't moved much from the past several weeks. Deep mud, grass, and sand were holding fish. The only difference is bait selection. We got fish both on crawlers and redtails. Due the past couple days of cold fronts, the bite was slower than we like to see, but still managed a good meal of upper teen fish. I marked way more than bit, but the water was 76 when I left for Canada and now it was 66 yesterday.

    I am heading out for muskies today. I will report tonight what I find.

    Looks like a slight warm up towards the weekend.....lets all hope for a normal Fall!

    Good Luck!
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    The musky bite has been good the past two days. Yesterday we had 4 hooked and landed 2...should have had chances at 2 more but the figure eights weren't the best. All muskies were on Cowgirls with the 9 blades and Showgirls with the double 8 blades. Shallow wind blown weeds were the ticket yesterday....4 to 6 feet. Lost a 45 and 35 and boated a 37 and 41

    Today with high pressure brought a tougher day. Had 2 short strikes that resulted in lost fish and a couple hot follows that couldn't quite get converted at the boat. Again all action on big blades and today it was more edge related than flats.
    Rob Manthei Guide Service
    Web Site: http://www.robmanthei.com


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