Got out 2 days in a row for the first time this year. Friday 8/21, got a 13.2 lb. 34" King, and a 4lb. 22" Coho. My FIRST Coho of the year.
King came on Moonshine Black Ice on 3 color lead core on a planer board. Coho hit a hammered silver/orange 3" spoon on the other board line with 4 colors LC. Got both in 50-69 fow, between St. Mary's and Filter.

Sat. for FHNB event showed up at time for second wave, took two really nice Marquette students from Physical Therapy, and Dave Halter out for what turned out to be a lure washing excursion. Came in just before 11 to help out on dock, getting people off boats. Enjoyed Dave's Jambalaya lunch, and conversation with the rest of the group, then took off as I had to pull the boat myself in the high winds. Got pretty bouncy in the harbor too after noon.