Time this summer is sure flying. Next thing you know we will be bird hunting. Fishing has still been good to excellent for the most part. Every day is a different bite. Some days awesome, yesterday. Some days a lot tougher, but still catching decent numbers. The guys who really know the lake are doing well. The guys that don't are really struggling. Still fishing mostly with crawlers. Depth of water has also been varying. On Lake Sharpe, some guys are fishing deeper (20-30feet) and some in our normal depth of (10-20). There is plenty of food out there for the walleyes, so the hard part is figuring out what they will bite on. Our size has been running from 14 to 19 inches. Again every day there is different.

In the last 2 weeks, we having fished both reservoirs with success. The whole bottom 3rd of Sharpe (Iron Nation to the dam) depending on which guide boat you are in. Also Crow Creek area to the dam on Lake Francis Case.

Here is my report since Aug 4th.

On Aug 4-5 I had a repeat customer from Oakland, IA. Excellent 2 days catching over 145 fish. Another excellent fishing trip.

Aug 6. off

Aug 7 I had a group out from North Platte, NE. This group had one of my better days of the year. We caught 100 fish. Of those 100 we had 14 smallies. Wish every day was this good.

Aug 8th I had a family out from Spirit Lake, IA, Tokyo, and Portland Oregon. This is their second year of fishing with me. Another excellent trip! We caught 70 fish. The boys had a great time.

Aug 9 I had a group that was on their second day from Lincoln, NE. Day 1 they had Curt Nepple and "The Garry Allen" as guides They had an excellent day on day one. I took over for my dad on day 2. I was nervous following the best guide on the lake, but made due. Between Curt and my boat we caught 140 fish. Also 13 smallies and 1 big catfish.

Aug 10 I had a group from Concord and Coleridge, NE. We caught 60 fish. Among these was 6 smallies with our limit of walleyes.

Aug 11 this group was joined form another couple from Norfolk, NE. The other couple almost did not come due to not believing that we can catch fish in August. I proved them wrong. Another one of those awesome days. Did not count, but estimated it at 125 fish, give or take a few. Also had 18 smallies. The day could not of been much better.

Until Next time
Mike Allen