Fishing has been as good as or better than June. We are catching 60 - 100 plus fish per day. Fishing both the northern part of Lake Francis Case and all of the southern 1/2 of Sharpe. Our size has been running from 14.5 to 19 plus inches, with most of our limits in the 15 to 17 inch range. The smallmouth bite has slowed for now. We are still fishing out normal depths 10 to 20 foot. Spinner and crawler has been best.

Here is my report Starting June 28th.

On June 28 I had a couple out from Johnston, IA. We had an excellent day catching 60 fish with a limit of walleyes and smallmouth fishing in the Crow Creek area,

On June 29-30 I had 2 fantastic days of walleye fishing and smallmouth fishing with limits of both on both days catching 140 fish in the 2 days.Group from Omaha, Columbus and Kansas City.
On July 1-2 I had a group out from Plattesmouth, NE. 2 excellent days catching 110 fish in the 2 days. Great trip, will see you the end of July.

July 3 I had a group out from Houston, TX and Sioux Falls, SD. A little tougher on this day. Started at the West Bend are and ended up fishing below the dam. We caught a nice stringer of fish ended up catching 40 plus fish.

Off July 4-5

On July 6-7 I had a group out from Lincoln and Fremont, NE. We had a dandy stringer of walleyes catching 70 plus fish. Most of our limt was 16 to 19 inches. On day 2 much tougher but ended up catching our limit by noon catching 40 fish.

I went on a bowling college scouting trip with my daughter until July 17.

Today (July 17) I had a group out from Lake City and Carroll, IA. We caught a dandy stringer of fish catching over 75 fish.

Until next time.
Mike Allen