Time flies when you are busy and that we have been. We had the busiest June on record. Which is hard to believe with the amount of trips we do year after year. Our guide staff does everything to make you feel welcome and make sure your group is going to enjoy your trip. With a busy July schedule and very good fishing with big numbers of fish being caught. July looks to be another awesome month. Our guides are fishing a variety of areas. From South of Keiners bottom to White River. and from Kiowa to the Dam. Also catching great numbers of fish from the Joe Creek area to Lower Brule. Bottom Bouncers, Spinners and Crawlers have been best. On both reservoirs dong most of the fishing in less than 15 foot. On days with no wind, we have had to go deeper. Catching 50-100 plus fish per day, depending on area you are fishing and time on the water.

The main advantage of hiring us is that our guides work as one to make sure your day is successful. A huge advantage when we have the best fishermen in the Missouri River chain guiding for our service.

Here is my report starting May 29

May 29-30 I had a group out from Plattesmouth, NE. We fished the Elm Creek area and caught 110 fish in 2 days with dandy limits of 20 fish both days. See you guys the first week of July.

May 31-June 2 I had a group out from Boulder, CO. On day 1 we fished the Elm Creek area and caught between 90-100 fish. On day 2 we walleye and smallmouth fished on Lake Sharpe with limits of both (55-60 total fish). On day 3 we worked on his fish fry. 16 white bass, 4 catfish, and a limit of 10 smallmouth fishing both Lake Francis Case and Lake Sharpe (caught 65-70 fish)already rebooked trip for next year.

June 3-4 I had a group out from Sprinfield, MO and Fort Madison, IA. On day one we caught a dandy limit of walleyes and 13 smallmouth. Onday 2, (report I put on facebook)We saw a lot of seasons today. Cool this morning with a light north wind. Chilled down, wind switches to west and blows 20. Then a downpour comes in. Then wind switches to northeast and blows 35 plus. Then sun comes out and gets nice with a light southeast wind. Only in South Dakota. Ended up with this dandy stringer of fish through all that. Day 2 with group from Springfield, MO and Ft Madison, IA. Will see you guys next year!!

June 5-7 I had a group out from Des Moines, Omaha, and Mason City, IA. We fished the Elm Creek area on Day 1 and day 2. caught 175 fish the first 2 days. On day 3 we went white bass and smally fishing. 14 white bass and limit smallies (20) See you guys next June.

June 8th I had a group out from Harlan, IA and Omaha. Short day as I helpled guide on a 2nd day trip with Curt Nepple. We had our limit by 10:00 a.m. with about 35 fish.

June 9-10. I had a group out from Lincoln and Freemont, NE. Also from Kansas City. We had 2 excellent days. Day 1 we fished the Elm Creek area. Had to work them but filled them out (20). Next day I took a chance and went to the dam. Caught their limit. A fantastic day. We caught 150 fish on this 2 day trip. They already booked for next year.

June 11 I had a group out from Primghar, IA. We caught our limit of walleyes, smallmouth, and a few white bass. Caught 75 fish total.

June 12th I fished the Crow Creek area with a group from Britt, IA area. We caught a limit of walleyes, 20 white bass, and a 10lb catfish. One heck of a day.

Off June 13 for bowling convention.

June 14 I guided a group from Owatanna, MN. My only non fill day since April. We ended up catching 65 fish. 11 keeper walleyes. We had to take cover for a couple hours with a 45 mph wind. Repeat customer for 15 plus years. Already booked for next year.

June 15-17 I had a group out from Clinton, IA. Days 1 and 2 we fished the Elm Creek area. Caught 150-160 fish. Limits (16) both days. On day 3 we chase meat. Caught some white bass, catfish, and a limit (20) of smallies. We caught 130-140 total fish.

June 18 I was part of a 10 boat company trip from Graham Tire. We had an outstanding day with a limit of walleyes and smallmouth on Lake Sharpe. All boats filled. Pretty awesome day for this group.

June 19-20 I had a group with guide Brian Ward from Harlan, IA. We caught 330 fish out of the 2 boats in 2 days. Group filled early and on the road by 1 on day 2. Excellent trip!

June 21 I had a group out from Sioux Falls, SD. Excellent day with walleyes and smallmouth. Also caught a 7 plus pound Northern Pike. Excellent trip! Caught 55 fish.

June 22 I had a group out on their annual birthday fishing trip from Chamberlain. wind blew 30 plus mph, so we could not chase smallies, But caught a dandy stringer of walleyes on Lake Sharpe.

June 23-24 I had 4 people out from Waverly, IA. Caught 135 total fish with limits (16) each day.\

June 25-26 I was part of a 3 boat crew from family based out of Lincoln, NE. Other guides were Eric Steichen-Mark Geuricke. We all caught limts both days. Although I scrambled my limit on day 2 (16). Also caught 20 smallies in the 2 days. I am making a guess here, But believe between all the boats we caught over 500 fish. My boat caught 160 fish in 2 days. Already booked 4 boats for next year.

June 27 I had a couple out from Sioux Falls, SD. What a fishing trip!! We caught 45 fish by 10:00 a.m. Then I went on a cruise and showed them some more good fishing spots, since they own their own boat.

June 28 I had a group out from Johnston, IA. We had an outstanding day with limits of walleyes and smallmouth, catching 60 total fish by noon.

Until next time
Mike Allen