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Thread: Inconsistent Fishing From Inconsistent Weather

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    Default Inconsistent Fishing From Inconsistent Weather

    If you ask me how the fishing has been I might have a different answer from one day to the next. In other words the fishing has been a real roller coaster ride. The reason being the unstable weather we've been experiencing. It seems every few days a cold front blows through. A couple nice days and the fish bite then bang a front comes through and slows things down.

    Walleyes in particular have been on or off depending on the weather. The walleyes we have been catching have been relating to weed edges in 12' to 15' of water with 1/8 ounce jigs tipped with crawlers being the best presentation.

    Large mouth bass have been the most reliable biters but even they are having mood swings depending on the day. One day they will chase fast moving power fishing baits like cranks or chatterbaits and the next day will only hit finesse presentations like senkos or texas rigged plastics or live bait.

    Haven't fished for or heard much about musky.

    Let's hope for some good summer-like weather to get a more consistent bite going.
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    Default Inconsistent Fishing From Inconsistent Weather

    So am I right in thinking it will be more settled weather than recently? Warm but not hot during the day with possibly being quite cold at night?

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