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    June 11th
    Good day on the water. Overcast most of the day with topwater fishing once again being the ticket. We needed to catch walleye today for our shore lunch so we went to a spot in Andrew that was producing for us previously while we were fishing for smallmouth and it was still producing. We kept 6 nice eaters for shore lunch using Kalin's 5 inch grubs. The walleye were a bit deeper than the smallmouth so we just let our jigs sink and then a slow retrieve was the way to catch them. After shore lunch (around 2:00) the sun broke through and we still were able to fish topwater but we targeted shaded areas and almost every time we did that we caught bass. Didn't go out after dinner cuz we had to watch the Hawks play!

    June 12th
    Sunny and calm today. Probably the warmest/sunniest day of the week. Temps topped out at 80 degrees today. We headed through the narrows today to find some "new waters". It was slow at first but then after a short time, we found the smallmouth up shallower than normal and had a blast again. Topwaters and jigs were working once again along with twitch baits in 2 to 8 feet of water. This was our last day of fishing as we have to head back to reality tomorrow. I'll be heading up here again the last week of July for walleye only but that seems so far away. I'll be watching the board for any reports. Give me an email if you have any reports and I'll do the same for you.

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    Thanks for the reports, hope they are still biting that last week of July. I'll be headed to North Dakota that week in search of some walleyes and bass.


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    Would love to be able to fish North Dakota at that time of year. Good luck to you and if you get the chance email me and let me know how you did. Thanks!

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    Thanks Brian and basscat for the detailed reports. We'll be there the week of July 19 and will try to do the same. Always looking for information prior to the trip.

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    I will be in camp the first week in September and will do the same as Brian and Basscat. Reporting on fishing after the kids go back to school.

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