Hi everyone,

Action the past three days has been spotty at times. Had to look to find a pod of walleyes, but once found were able to boat a bunch. Most walleyes were found in the deeper wood areas. Wound up with a three day total of 46 walleyes with a vast majority of them under sized and even the legal fish we caught, were released. We kept a lot of bluegills and crappies for the pan.

Caught every thing on the PROaggressive jigs tipped with leeches. Never got any interest with minnows and did not try any crawlers. The wind has been fairly steady from The SW and NW. Hard enough to make a good walleye chop most of the time. Had thunder storms blow through at times that forced us to wait them out, but the air temps have been very comfortable. The water temps were 59 degrees on Sat. but rose to 68 by yesterday afternoon. Now's the time to make your way 'UP NORTH'. Good luck fishing everyone.