AML IS OFF TO A GREAT 2015 SEASON!! The new cabin 1 is completed with great reviews from its first occupants, many improvements have been completed, all the cabins/lodge, docks/boats are in tip top shape, and the staff is as ever ready to roll and waiting for you all.

It was a great opener and start to the season with walleyes of all sizes being caught. Patterns and locations were all over the water column with bigger post spawn females generally deeper 12-25 and numbers of smaller fish and males shallower 4-14. Jigs/minnows and 1/8 Carolina rigs/minnows dominated presentations first 2 weeks though long lining flicker shads and Rapalas, Smith wicks, and spinner rigs caught fish too. Large numbers of fish 15-20 South/East in backs of bays with creeks and bigger avg size fish 17-30 North and West on shallow rocks, points, and wood was the trend.

Lake trout were very active 10-30 on spoons, swimbaits, and spinner rigs. Some pre spawn bass were being caught on cranks, jigs, and plastic at 6-12. With the slightly lower water levels this spring the biggest post spawn pike were being found a bit deeper with walleyes and responded best to jigs with chubs and suspending minnow jerk baits like husky jerks.
We are now into the first part of June, with extended 60s and 70s degree air temps, warmer nights, the water temps are pushing up into the low/mid 60s signaling the approach of the pre summer peak and some of the best shallow water fishing of the season. Walleyes are now setting up more predictably and consistently shallow and fish of all sizes including the big females are starting to feed aggressively. Dominating the catches right now are fish 16-23 but there have been a number of fish over the slot 26-30 caught already. In the North and West sections with the warming water temps the grass and weed growth will move bait fish into the shallows/bays and combos of that pattern with nearby shallow rocks will be a dominate pattern. With warming trends always look for the wind piling up in corners, points, and shorelines for the groups of the shallowest and most aggressive groups of fish. Pitching lite jigs 1/16-1/8 with minnows, leeches, and plastics are tough to beat on the smaller structures and tighter areas and for searching bigger flats and bays trolling cranks and spinner rigs will help you find schools of fish quicker. Once pods are found you can pitch to them, slip bobber, or keep trolling.

Bass are now moving up onto beds quickly with some exceptional days of 50-100+ fish 16-20 already recorded. Midafternoons with the warmest water has some exciting top water action already happening, even some fly rod popping! For the most part X-raps, tubes, sienkos, flukes have been the go to presentations and on the cold fronts or on the toughest days a drop shot and leech or mud minnow and some patience teasing fish cant be beat. Look for sand/pebble combos with reeds, wood, weed combos in north and west bays and shorelines to be the first to warm and go good. Those of you coming up the next 2-3 weeks look out! Bass fishing will be at a peak.

Lake trout are still shallow 10-40 and can be found on and off shallow rock bars, points, and suspended at those same depths. Spoons, cranks, spinner rigs, and cowbells Lots of smaller pike with an occasional surprise in shallow bays with the bigger pike deeper and near shallower bars with groups of smaller walleyes or creek mouth areas with suckers. The cold, deep portage lake trout lakes will still have some big pike warming in shallow sandy bays and shorelines for casting opportunities. In the last week lots of muskies have been encountered grabbing walleyes and small pike, mostly fish 38-46 with a couple 50-51 caught and water released. With the water temps now pushing over 60 the big females will be moving in to do their thing. Leave em alone, and if incidentally caught please water release. Season opens June 20, were all waiting for it, and we expect a banner year for big skis!

For some exciting action segments from this season and some from big musky segments from last season on Eagle Lake and AML and what you can expect see Danny and Sols new show Castaway Fishing TV at;
While many weeks are full there are few scattered openings yet available , call 888 727 5865 or email for the information you need to secure your spot for a memorable trip to one of the most exciting and diverse destinations in NW Ontario, ANDY MYERS LODGE.

Steve Herbeck
Guest fishing instruction coordinator
Master guide

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