Can you believe it is the end of May? Fishing has been good to excellent. Numbers vary depending on where we are fishing. Guides have been fishing the whole upper 1/3rd of Francis Case and the West Bend area. Some days limits by 10:00 a.m. and sometimes it takes all day. We are still fishing with mostly minnows, but the bite is starting to turn on Crawlers. Depth of water has been varying greatly. As an example. Yesterday I found one school of fish in 21 foot and moved around and found another one in less than 10. Weather is creating a lot of this. water temp is still below 60.

Here is my report starting on May 7th.

May 7-8th I had a group along with Guide Scott Handel had a group from Arcadia, WI. We had an excellent trip both days. Real windy the first day and a very nice day on day 2. Limit of walleyes on day one and limit of walleyes by 9:30 a.m. So went smally fishing and had a limt of those also. Excellent trip and already rebooked for myself and Scott next year,

May 9th I had a group from Spearfish, SD. Another great day on the water. Carbon Copy of the day before. Limit of walleyes early, then went and caught a limit of Smallies. Another excellent day.

May 10th I had a father/son out from LuVerne, MN. Weather was not pleasant. Wind, Cold, and Rain. But caught an dandy stringer of walleyes.

May 12 I had a group out from Blair and Tekemah, Ne. We caught 56 walleyes. It was very fun day on the water. I am sure their will be some fish stories back in Tekemah.

May 13 I had group out from Sioux Falls, SD and South Korea. Limit caught by noon, with a total of 65 fish. Look forward to seeing you out again.

May 14 I had a group out from Ft Dodge, IA. We had an outstanding day of catching walleyes. Catching over 60 walleyes.

May 15-16 I had a repeat group of around 20 years from Lincoln, NE assisted by guide Joel Carlson. Very good fishing. We caught a limit of walleyes on day 1 with around 100 fish between the 2 boats. On day 2 we caught a limit of walleyes and smallies. Another excellent trip and rebooked for next year.

May 17 I had a group from Ivanhoe, MN. Excellent trip with catching over 45 fish.

May 18-19 I had a group out from Grand Forks, ND and Elk River, MN. On day 1 we dealt with 40 mph winds and mud. Took us from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to catch our limit of 16. It was a lot of work, but worth it. Also got filmed by KDLT news out of Sioux Falls in the late afternoon part of our trip when the wind went down. On day 2 with much better weather we caught a limit of walleyes and smallies.

May 20 I had a group from Oakland, IA and Hermitage, MO. Excellent day on the water with a limit of walleyes and smallmouth.

May 21-22 I had a group out from Sioux Falls, SD. I have been with this group for 16 years. On day 1 we fished Lake Sharpe for a limit of walleyes and smallies. It was a tough bite so fished Francis Case on Day 2 and caught a dandy bunch of walleyes.

May 23 I had a group out from Onowa, IA and Germany. Our day started a little slow. But it is not how you start, but how you finish that counts. Limit of walleyes (16) and 8 smallies for bonus fish.

May 24-25 I had a group out from Boulder, Co as part of 3 boats along with guides Brian Ward, Garry Allen, and Eric Steichen. Great fishing for the 2 days with mostly limits by 11:00 a.m. Very fun group and look forward to seeing you next year.

Many of these days we have dealt with wind, cold, and rain. But very successful. Our guide service has the advantage of having the best walleye fishermen in the state working of our lodge. All of us guides not only are great fishermen, but great friends off the water. We are there to make each and every trip successful. Book your trip of a lifetime today.

Until next time
Mike Allen and also like our facebook page Allen's Missouri Guide Service and Hillside Motel