Bob and Dick Cholke try to fish at least once a week - usually midweek. We are very open to other Flatlanders joining us on our weekly outings. Also, you will know where someone from the club has fished recently - call or e-mail for a report.

I will try to use the reply function on the forum for weekly updates. We try to hit water close to home but we will also will travel up to 3 hours depending on what lakes have the best reports. We may also take a two day trip some weeks, spend overnight, in an effort to hit the late evening bite.

I will try to post our outings, as early in the week as possible. Sometimes we may not make the schedule early, depending on weather, work schedules and home schedules. Departing times will also vary, depending on the previous factors and driving times.

Feel free to join us!

Dick Cholke

Tuesday May 12,2015 - Lake McMaster or Story - leaving early