Not really a fishing report here, but an update on the local conditions.

Good news is that there will be open water come May 2nd!!! Ice is fading fast on many area lakes, some north and east shorelines are pretty much shot for getting on the ice. A guy went through Squirrel Lake a few days ago and had to be rescued.

Looks like there will be a 3 bag limit for walleyes across the board. The 15" minimum lakes will have a protected slot on the 20-24" fish with only one of your three being over 24"(not recommended anyway)

Area rivers are opening up and fishing has started down around Tomahawk(Pride's and King's Dam).

Several of the area lakes are low due to draw downs. Apparently someone thought that we were getting a ton more snow and rain in a hurry. Don't worry the lakes will catch up.

Don't forget to get your licenses renewed...expired March 31.

April is the time for this guy to get the resort cleaned up and hit the rivers.

Good Luck out there!