It was recently pointed out to me by one of our favorite guests, that the 2014 Fishing Contest results only mentioned the biggest Walleye. It seems I overlooked the other big Walleyes. Sorry about that! Here's our top Walleyes for 2014:

Our First Place Walleye (a 28 1/4 incher) was landed by Dave Brabec of Nebraska. Finishing 2nd was Steve Blakstad with a 27 incher. Bob Thiele finished 3rd at 26 inches. At 4th (4th and 5th) we had a tie between Jeff Nicholls and Bob Maxson at 25 1/2 inches. John Dolphin was 6th with is 25 1/4 incher. Cassie Ness finished 7th with her 24 1/2 inch Walleye. Several of these are shown in our new brochure.

Debbie and I are excited for the 2015 season! Thanks!